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Friday, July 14, 2006

Thieves with good fashion sense

My car was broken into in front of my house the other day. They took my North Face jacket, some shoes, and all my burned CDs. The burned CDs, I just realized, included the obligatory mix CD given to me by Eric when we started dating. I've since had the chance to become annoyed with his music, so I didn't actually listen to the CD anymore, but it did have sentimental value.

Among the things they didn't take: my stereo, spare tire, or any of the regular, non-burned CDs. What, they wanted Eric's mix and a bunch of unlabeled discs, but not Boyz II Men or Kelly Clarkson? I don't get it.

This is especially annoying because I've never left my car out on the street overnight before, it was just one night because the company redoing the siding on our house needed to park in the driveway. When I found my car the next morning, the driver's door and the trunk were literally wide open. I'm suprised no opportunist stole my car after the coat-thieves had left, considering how many Hondas have been stolen in the vicinity lately.

The siding job is nearly done. They did a really great job of putting up the siding, trim, and fixing all the screw-ups of the original builders. All that's left is for them to paint in a week or so. Don't worry, there will be pictures!


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